Want to boost your productivity? Stop letting emails constantly interrupt your day. Studies show it takes almost 2 minutes to refocus after we get interrupted by an email. Many people are looking at their emails every time the notification goes off.

Turn off the inbox notification (sound and visual) and focus on your work. Schedule a few times a day to stop and look at your email in bulk. When you do take some time to look at your email carve out time in 15 or 20 minute increments.  Here are some easy tips to follow in dealing with the multitude of emails clogging up your inbox:

  1. If the email takes 2 minutes or less time to respond to or act on – Do It Now
  2. Set up rules in your email to route emails to file folders that make sense.  Such as: To Read, Invitations, Business Items and whatever makes sense to your specific mail.
  3. Set a rule to filter out spam and junk mail.  Route those emails to a Delete Folder.
  4. Label files just as you would in a paper filing system – It makes it easier to find what you’re looking for later.

Try turning off your notifications for just one week and track your progress. You just may be surprised in how much time and productivity you gain.

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