The Process:

The first benefit you will receive from working with me as a professional organizer is a free telephone consultation. You will begin to envision your new mode of simplified living as I ask you very specific questions about the space you want worked on, what your goals are and your timeframe for the project.

The process starts with an onsite assessment which can take up to an hour.  I work with the client to review the space, take photos and ask a series of questions which include what is working, what’s not and what the goals for the space are. Together we will decide on a customized plan for meeting your goals that will be time and cost effective.

Action Plan:
Top To Bottom will provide an Action Plan that will outline the specific steps/tasks  in the organizational plan and recommendation for products.  When the Action Plan is submitted we will review the Servie Agreement and schedule the first hands on work session.

DIY Plan:
For those clients who need a plan to then do it themselves I provide an in-depth assessment and DIY blueprint.   The onsite assessment will include a more in-depth look at the challenges of the project.  This process can take up to ninety minutes and the client will receive within one week a write up that includes an action plan, recommendation for products and another ½ hour follow-up phone session for any remaining questions.

I will check in with you a week or two after the finished project to insure things are working to your satisfaction.  Top To Bottom Organization is available by phone for follow-up questions at any time. I also arrange for donation pickups, haul-always and shopping for organizational products billed at an hourly rate.


Will I need to be there during the process?
I always work with a client during the organization process. The client is an integral part of setting up systems as I will be transferring teachable skills to you as part of the change process. You not only benefit from the immediate result of getting control of your environment but also learning how to maintain your customized systems. The client is a vital part of the process and is required to be present during all organizing sessions unless otherwise specified.

I’m afraid of being judged for my disorganization and I am embarrassed to let you into my space.
When I look at your space, I see solutions, not the mess. I have seen it all before and wouldn't be there unless I thought I could help. I follow the NAPO code of Ethics and I always uphold 100% confidentiality and address your concerns with empathy and without judgement.

I am anxious that I am going to throw out almost everything I own.
I don’t know how much “stuff” anyone has until I actually see the space and get into the job. Together we will determine the importance and need of items and what the final outcome will be. Sometimes the things we truly love are buried in clutter and they need to be separated to stand out and be appreciated. I will assist you in finding “homes” for your precious things and using the space that you do have in a very efficient manner.

The process will take a long time and be expensive.
Everyone is different when it comes to deciding what they should part with and what to keep. The length of the process also depends on how quickly you can get your hands on items and decide what you want to do with them (donate, toss, store, keep, etc.). I can assign “homework” at the end of each session in order to keep down expenses. The homework will help you to apply the organizational principles we used during the last session.


Kathe Roberts is a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and is bound by their Code of Ethics. All work is done in a non-judgmental and confidential manner.  Any verbal or written information shared during the session will remain confidential.

Travel Fee:
Travel over 50 miles round trip from Montclair, NJ is charged at $0.55 per mile.   Travel to NYC may incur an additional fee.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation of a scheduled appointment with less than 24 hour notice will be billed 50 percent of the agreed upon rate for the session scheduled.

Hourly session payments are due at the end of each session. Gift certificates are paid upon receipt of certificate. If organizational products or closet systems are purchased a deposit of 50 percent is required up front.

Service Agreement:
The client will be asked to sign a Service Agreement with the Organizer. The agreement spells out the agreed upon price and specifics of the project.

There is a 3 hour minimum for each onsite session unless otherwise noted.

 References are available upon request.

 Give the Gift of Organization:

Top To Bottom will customize your Gift Certificate in 3 hour increments. Click below for my contact form and order one today!

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